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Coloured Numbers Vintage Style Wall Clock-Diameter 58.2cm

SKU: 3140449

Key Features:

* Diameter 58.2cm x Depth 5.5cm

* Stylish shabby chic

* Vibrant colours

* Ideal to hung in the kitchen

If you are looking for a clock which can be used as a feature piece within your kitchen, then our coloured numbers vintage clock is the perfect one for you.

The dark colour of the background complements perfectly with the large bold colours of the numbers. The piece is given a vintage twist with the reclaimed, rusted style of the centre of the clock with historic style coat of arms and makers name. The number six has also been replaced by a vintage style pendulum which, whilst it doesn’t move, adds something unusual to the piece.

This clock would look great in kitchens where you can pick out one of the colours such as the red or turquoise in other decorations around the room.



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