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The Two Faces of January

The Two Faces of January

January 03, 2019

The Two Faces of January. Why two faces? As a good proportion of you will know, January is named after the Roman god, Janus. Janus is the god of beginnings and time, amongst other things. His two faces look into the future and the past, which is perhaps why he’s stuck right at the crossroads of each new year when many people look to improve on their lot of the previous year. 

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Don’t Panic!

Don’t Panic!

December 06, 2018

The Late Shoppers Guide to Christmas

Are you a Douglas Adams fan? As all disciples of his work know, “Don’t Panic!” is the phrase on the cover of his seminal work, Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. It’s also one of Jonesy's favourite exclamations whilst he dances about panicking .......

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The Autumn Colour Theatre

The Autumn Colour Theatre

November 01, 2018

Autumn colours are gorgeous! I’m not too fond of the wind and rain - and the cold - and the darker mornings and evenings. Autumn is just not my favourite time of the year, but the autumnal shades are amazing. Nature has this habit of putting bright colours together that, quite frankly, would look simply ghastly on the catwalk or garish in the front room.........

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