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How to Cheat - And get away with it (It's not what you think!!}

How to Cheat - And get away with it (It's not what you think!!}

October 05, 2018

Home decorating is not a big favourite of mine. I’m quite good with a paintbrush - not so good with paper and paste. I think it’s the monotony of it all that drives my dislike of the pastime. So, how to avoid doing it? There’s a really simple way - and I’m going to share it with you....

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September - A new start?

September - A new start?

September 06, 2018

In my mind the new year starts in September.  Must be down to all those years at school, new uniform, new pens, pencils and school bag.  September also sees new television schedules, revamped magazines - the list is endless, The optimism of a fresh start can be applied to the home as well

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School Holidays - Love ‘em or Hate ‘em?

School Holidays - Love ‘em or Hate ‘em?

August 02, 2018

I don’t really remember the feeling of time passing when I was a kid during the school summer holidays. When I think back, I get the sense that the weeks shot along quicker than any child would want them to go, but I can also call to mind the fantastic feeling of long lazy days that stretched out seemingly forever.

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