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Vintage Globe Octagon Wall Clock

SKU: 3136183

Key Features:

* Height 61cm x Width 61cm x Depth 9.5cm

* Unusual shaped wall clock

* Classic map design

* Stylish vintage look

* Ship to UK mainland only.

If you are looking to add a stylishly vintage feature to your home why not take advantage of our stunning range of octagon wall clocks.

This unusually shaped wall clock comes in a rustic, reclaimed vintage style. The frame is made of a rusted style metal and the main face of the clock displays a cartographer’s style map of the globe in a historic style.

The clock itself features standard numbers at the four quarter hour marks and so allows the detail in the clock face to show through, whilst still being functional and easy to read.

This clock would look great hung near bookshelves or over a desk where the colour and style will complement the clock. Alternatively, for an on-trend look, you could stand this clock on a shelf, leaning it against a wall and arranging near other vintage homeware pieces for a more relaxed style.



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