Welcome to the Slate & Rose Blog

Welcome to the Slate & Rose Blog

Welcome to Slate & Rose,

Your new shopping destination for beautiful homeware pieces to add elegance and a unique design to your home.

We are delighted that you have visited our website today and found time today to read this blog - we know how busy and hectic life can get and so we want to make sure this blog is as useful and interesting as possible for you.

The plan is to make this blog a more informal space to introduce you to our new products, discuss our collections, give you hints, tips and how-to's on interior design, and occasionally to invite experts in interior design and homeware to speak about their knowledge.

We don't just want to sell products to you, we want to share our passion for those products and for interior design with you, and to help you in creating the most comfortable, inviting and beautiful home.

So, the way our website works is that you can either search for a particular item such as mirrors, furniture, storage options etc., or you can search by our collections, which are grouped into four styles. Our collection pages are designed to allow you to see complimentary pieces side by side on the website and are particularly useful if you have a particular aesthetic in mind. 


We really hope that you enjoyed reading this first blog and that you love our website. We are committed to bringing you the best service possible, so if there is anything incorrect on our website, or if you have suggestions to make the service smoother, please do let us know. 

Also, don't forget to follow us on all our social media, and sign up to our newsletter for the latest product updates!



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