The Autumn Colour Theatre

The Autumn Colour Theatre

Autumn colours are gorgeous! I’m not too fond of the wind and rain - and the cold - and the darker mornings and evenings. Autumn is just not my favourite time of the year, but the autumnal shades are amazing. Nature has this habit of putting bright colours together that, quite frankly, would look simply ghastly on the catwalk or garish in the front room. The subtle browns, rusts and golds on the other hand look fantastic anywhere and quite possibly even everywhere.

We know summer’s on the slippery slope around here, as soon as bowls of conkers start to appear in the offices.
It’s not long before they’re joined by glass vases full of pine cones and plates full of dried maple leaves. It does all look (and smell) rather nice. And I’m not just saying that because I know a certain office decorator will be reading this! The fir cones get a second lease of life too when they’re sprayed silver or gold, or sprinkled with coloured glitter. One for the messy ones amongst us that last option.

I’m a bit of a natural nerd I’m afraid, so I’m constantly marvelling at and stroking the grain in wood furniture.
It takes me ages to walk through the showroom. That’s my excuse for being late for work right there! Our industrial chic range is particularly good for this, as the grain is picked out to dramatic effect.

Just to give you an idea of what our offices are like at the moment - we have so many bowls, plates and vases that we’ve had to “borrow” five tables, consoles and drawer units just to make sure we can keep our desks clear enough to get our work done.
I must admit though - it does look great. And the fir cones smell lovely too. It’s actually a joy to get to work. I bet there aren’t many of you that think that on a dark, wet and windy morning?


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