Testing, 1,2,3.....

Testing, 1,2,3.....

We all have our work associated perks. It might be a company car, a monthly production bonus, or as many biscuits as you can eat while you’re on work premises. The last one here is a reference to a local, well-known biscuit manufacturer in the area. Yes, that one! I know a couple of people who’ve been thrilled to know that they could scoff as many choccy biccies as they wanted, only to state that they’ll never eat another biscuit as long as they live after a couple of weeks of troughing! They all seem to manage the odd crunchy morsel now, though after a little while of abstinence.

Unfortunate as it is that my perk has nothing to do with chocolate, it is pleasing nonetheless. We get to roadtest pretty much every new line we get in stock at Slate & Rose prior to it going on sale. This gives us a good opportunity to check out the quality, and other aspects, such as dimensions and finish. Sometimes we’re surprised that an item, garden ornaments, especially, are either bigger or smaller than expected. This was the case with the Terracotta Warrior statues that we got in last year, and also one of our latest arrivals, Percival The Peacock. 

Percy, as his friends call him, stands just shy of a metre tall and just like his besty, Henry the Heron, he can really dominate a corner of the garden. Regrettably, we sold the Terracotta Warriors almost before we’d unpacked them last year, and we’re finding it difficult to source more. I say ‘regrettably’. Obviously, it was good for business, but they were amongst my favourite garden ornaments and I’m saddened by their continued absence. Also, I wrote a blog article about them and didn’t get to post it before we’d sold out, so that was rather annoying!

If birds aren’t your thing, or if you prefer your outdoor adornments to be a little less fantastically large, have a look at the other woodland creatures we have on offer. There are a lot of squirrels that criss-cross our garden, but it’s nice to have one that permanently features.
Siena, as she’s called in store, although my son dubbed our new family member Nuts for obvious (I suppose) reasons, sits proudly on top of the side wall and is loved by our cat who rubs up against it regularly.

The only downside to testing products is that eventually, they all get replaced by new products that need testing too. Is that a bad thing? Not when the replacement is a better fit I suppose, but quite often we grow attached to our transient companions. We’ve all grown really quite fond of Nuts over the past few weeks of his residence. It’ll be a sad day when she snuggles up back in her hibernation box. I wonder who’ll be sat on top of the wall when she goes. Perhaps we’ll be able to train one of the garden’s real-life squirrels to pose for a few hours each day. Not sure the cat's administrations would suit it too well though! Or perhaps I’ll have a look at the next delivery consignment and get squirrelling away to find something equally as appealing as Nuts.


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