Spring Accent Pieces

Spring Accent Pieces

We're hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that Spring will soon be on its way to our homes here in the UK. Spring time is usually when most people have a change round of their homes, decor and general interiors (it's called Spring cleaning for a reason!), and so we thought we would look at some of the pieces of our collection which we think would be particularly lovely in your home this Spring. 

1) Gothic Large Portrait Mirror

One thing that we all look forward to with Spring is the clocks going forward and gaining more hours of daylight. Our large Gothic mirror is the perfect mirror for your home for Spring as it will be able to reflect lots of that lovely Spring light around your home, giving it an airy, fresh feeling. 

Shop Now: Gothic Large Portrait Mirror - £129.99

2) Industrial Chic Wooden and Metal Furniture

Spring heralds the arrival of sitting out in your garden again. As the temperatures increase and the sunny days become more frequent, you're sure to spend more time outdoors and so your outside space should be as welcoming as your indoors. Our Industrial Chic furniture is great for use outdoors as it an be folded down easily and stored in a shed or outhouse but is comfortable and stylish also. 

Shop Now: Industrial Chic Chairs £79.99 
Industrial Chic Table £54.99

3) Herbes de Provence Wall Clock

A clock may be an odd thing to suggest, but they often get overlooked in terms of being a piece of interior decor, but when chosen right, can add a lovely finish to a room. This Herbes de Provence clock is perfect for adding a natural spring touch to a kitchen with its style and look. It features a lovely painted illustration of a country garden collection of herbs and flowers. The lavender in the central part of the clock adds a pop of colour which suits the aesthetic perfectly.

Shop Now: Herbes de Provence Country Wall Clock £12.99

4) Botanica Green Fern and Palm Leaf Framed Prints

Green is the perfect colour for bringing Spring into your home, and the natural subject of these prints adds even more natural beauty. The fern illustrations are printed on to canvas and surrounded by natural wooden frames. They would suit a modern room where bold colours can contrast with the greens and browns. These prints are sold individually, but look lovely when paired together as a feature wall. 

Shop Now: Botanica Green Fern Print £11.99
Botanica Green Palm Print £11.99

5) Contemporary Stainless Steel Lantern 

As Spring emerges and merges into Summer, and we spend more and more time in the garden, you might like to use lanterns such as this lovely steel one to add soft candlelight to your garden. It can be used in your home or in your garden, and the stainless steel finish will both mirror the light as well as its surroundings.

Shop Now: Contemporary Stainless Steel Lantern £31.99 

6) Amelia Mirrored Square Display Tray

With the return of the sunshine, plants are able to grow again, and we think this lovely mirrored square display tray would be perfect as a plant stand in any room of your home. The mirrored nature would reflect the green of plants or vibrant colours of flowers and will further accentuate the Spring colours in your home. 

Shop Now: Amelia Mirrored Square Display Tray £26.99

7) Fleur Nickel Fruit Bowl

In the next few weeks and months, as the weather becomes warmer, more lovely fruit and vegetables will become available. Our Fleur fruit bowl is perfect for displaying the fruit and vegetables on a dining table or a kitchen counter. The design of the metal bowl means it will look lovely either when its full with produce, or when it is empty and on display.

Shop Now: Fleur Nickel Fruit Bowl £27.99

8) Jaukus Cushion in Light Pink

Whilst most of the colours we recommend for Spring have natural colours, our Jaukus cushion will add a lovely touch of feminine pink to your home this coming season. It is bold enough to lighten any room but the muted tone means it will not be too bright. We think it would look lovely arranged in a room with grey tones or bright whites which will contrast with the pretty pink colour of the cushion. 

Shop Now: Jaukus Cushion in Light Pink £12.99

What items do you like to add to your home around Springtime? Leave us a comment below or tag us on social media with #slateandrose 

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