September - A new start?

September - A new start?

In my mind the new year starts in September.  Must be down to all those years at school, new uniform, new pens, pencils and school bag.  September also sees new television schedules, revamped magazines - the list is endless, The optimism of a fresh start can be applied to the home as well

Unlike March where it’s all about Spring Cleaning, September has to be all about Autumn Nesting -  creating that cosy, warm home to keep out the chill of Winter.

Here are our favourite ways to embrace September:

Candles are the perfect home addition to burn all year round, but from September we love to burn warmer scents such as vanilla, cinnamon, apple and other fruity, spiced fragrances.

Alongside candles, a deeper ambiance can be set with  soft lighting such as lamps and strings of fairy lights to use in dark corners, offering a warm yellow-ish glow. For those of you lucky enough to have a fireplace, wood burner or even gas fires, it is time to get them all cleaned out and up and running again! For an ultra cosy compliment to these, sit baskets of wooden logs to the side of your fires, with further strings of fairy lights intertwined for a glowy grotto feel.

September is a great time of year for home decorating, it’s about bringing us closer to the simpler things of life and appreciating  nature. There are many ways you can incorporate nature indoors, and our favourite is the Autumn wreath. Perfect for your front door, fireplace or over a statement mirror.

Why not add a quirky seasonal piece with wire or wicker rustic style baskets around your kitchen, hallway or fireplace, full of pumpkins, conkers, apples and pears, not only providing you with a unique decoration but filling it with the scents of autumn at the same time.

Replace white summer lilies with bold fiery red and orange dahlias to reflect the colours of autumn. It doesn't just have to be flowers, either - twigs displayed in glass vases can be great focal points and an excellent way to showcase autumnal nature indoors.

Nothing says cosy like fluffy blankets. By using a mix of shades from cream to stone and chocolate, you create a Nordic style with a rustic, organic feel. Layer cushions and throws together over your sofa arms or throw over your bedding to bring an immediate sprinkle of Autumn to your living space. For an  extra snuggly boost, embrace the mix and match look by haphazardly arranging chunky cable knits with fur and fleecy blankets for alternative textural arrangements.

September - the start of that wonderful "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness..."   Enjoy.







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