Plate spinning by Henrik Bothe

Plate Spinning and other precarious pastimes

I remember laughing at a friend of mine some years ago at a work CPD (continuing professional development) event, as she made a real plum of herself trying to keep a plate spinning atop a stick. The guy overseeing the activity showed us all how easy it was, so all of us who were yet to have a go couldn’t believe what a hash our colleague was making of it. Then it was number two in the queue’s turn. The laughs were still there, but with much less conviction and an awful lot more perceived self-consciousness! Needless to say, I looked just as much of a plum as my workmates did when it came to my turn. It shouldn’t have been such a surprise to me that it turned out I was such a poor plate spinner, as I’m possibly the worst tray carrier in the world. Granted, this hasn’t had a massively detrimental effect on my life - a few extra visits to the bar or the kitchen sometimes, but it’s annoying nonetheless. ever during holiday season, we’ve got a bit of a dilemma, as those of us who aren’t currently on holiday are covering for those who are. We’re back to plate spinning again. To add to the current workload, we’ve just received a whole new raft of products into Slate & Rose HQ this week. Part of this new shipment is a fresh range of trays that we’re particularly pleased with. Needless to say, I shan’t be demonstrating best practice here! Even just thinking about this reminded me of Bob Blackman (I had to look up his name), who I’m sure some of you will recall used to bash a tray against his head and knee whilst singing a stirring (and almost tone-deaf) rendition of “Mule Train”. He was really quite good with a tray but would have spilt more, I’m sure than I would.

I’ve done a bit of research here, and apart from finding out Bob Blackman’s forgotten name, I’ve found out how I should have been spinning those plates. It’s quite simple really. All it takes apparently is hours and hours of dedicated practice. OK, so I haven’t got either the hours and hours or the dedication for that one, but I have now upped my game where tray carriage is concerned. It seems that this art is much in demand, and I’m not necessarily in the minority when it comes to employing the “keeping of the horizontal”. If you need to brush up as I did, have a look here at how to carry a tray. Then, just like me, you’ll be able to stun and delight your friends with your flat-top prowess - although it does depend on how drunk you are when you decide to pull out your new party piece.

And of course, if you need any props, Slate & Rose are always here to help. Have a look at our selection of trays and see if any of them take your fancy.






FEATURED: Plate spinning by Henrik Bothe
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