Our Favourite Things

Our Favourite Things

We are adding new products to the Slate & Rose website all the time, and so with our inventory of items increasing, we thought it would be good to showcase some of our favourite items which are currently on sale on our website: 

Turquoise Circles Mounted Artwork

This artwork is a truly unique piece. It is made entirely from metalwork and features a frame with different sized metal disks which have been shaped so that it extends from the wall, and some of the discs have been perforated with patterns. The shape of these discs means light is reflected off the artwork in an unusual way, giving the piece even more dimension and shape. It's a piece that you can talk about with visitors to your home and which we particularly love. 

Gephan Wood Tray Set of 2


We love to bring you the best of Scandinavian style interior pieces, and wooden, natural materials are a key feature of this interior design style. The Gephan Wood Trays are beautiful in their simplicity which allows for the grain of the wood to truly stand out. From the side they look plan and minimalistic but viewed from the top they have a delicate wooden carved design. We really love these pieces because they can be so versatile - use them in a living room for storing everyday items such as remote controls, mobile phones, keys and glasses; use them on a dressing table for displaying perfume, makeup and makeup brushes; use them on a sideboard in a dining room as a drinks tray or for flower arrangements. The possibilities are endless.

Round Wicker Log Baskets Set of 3

Interior design trends and lifestyle trends such as Hygge have become more and more popular over the last year as we all try to move towards a life which is less stressful, and more about enjoying the simple things in life. One of the things that Hygge promotes is creating a warm, welcoming environment in your home - an open fire, for example. We like these lovely wicker log baskets because they are perfect for storing wood and materials for making a comforting evening fire. They're also great for tidying items from around your living rooms such as toys, shoes, and other items, making it easy for you to keep your home tidy and Hygge-like.

3D Metal Stag Wooden Wall Art

This wall art is such an unusual piece that we simply had to include it in this list. It combines texture from the wooden backing with the 3D wirework of the stag itself and it is this combination which we love so much - it is unlike anything else out there in the market at the moment. It is also a lovely rustic design which is particularly on trend at the moment.

These four pieces are just a few of our favourite items which are currently on sale on our website. We hope that you love these items and many others on our website, so why not follow us on our social media accounts and let us know which are your favourites.

Have a great day!


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