Organisation and Storage Solutions for your Home

Organisation and Storage Solutions for your Home

If your house is anything like ours, then you'll know that trying to find effective and affordable storage solutions, and actually getting your family to use them can feel at times like an insurmountable task. Never fear though, we are here today to talk you through the different storage solutions that Slate & Rose offer on our website and how you can use them in slightly more unusual ways to maximise their storage potential and get your family on board too! 

Something Different

We've all seen the Billy Bookcase hacks on Pinterest, and whilst those are ideal for small budgets or people who really love DIY, there are so many different ways to incorporate storage into your home without having to make or customise anything (if that's not your thing!). 

Why not use a piece of storage or furniture in a slightly different way to the norm? The photograph below shows our Industrial Chic Studded Aluminium chest of drawers in a bedroom at an angle. Whilst your inner self might be saying 'no! it should be in a corner or against a wall!', placing a chest of drawers here makes more of a feature out of the piece. 

If bedroom space is limited, why not place a chest of drawers across a corner in your living room or dining room? you can put a tall lamp behind it in the corner if you prefer to fill that space but the important thing is that you're creating a feature out of your storage. What this does is bring the piece into the functional space of the room. No longer is it a forgotten storage solution in a corner, it is now a piece of interior design, used not only for storage but to make your home more interesting and unique. We guarantee that once you do that, you'll find yourself using it more!

Different Purposes

Whilst design and look are always key when choosing items of furniture and storage for your home, why not think a little outside the box when it comes to what pieces of furniture you use for what function. . . bedside tables actually make really lovely occasional tables when stood next to a couch or lounge chair. They will instantly make your living room or snug look more unusual and unique but you also immediately have a drawer for all your remote controls, chargers, etc. and a drawer, cupboard or shelf for things like books, magazines, and all the other small living room items which often end up just left on the sofa.

Our Glamour Antique French Style bedside table doesn't even look that much like a traditional bedside table and so could easily be customised as a side/occasional table in another room of your home!


Coordinated and Together

If you're not in the market for furniture solutions to your storage problems then never fear, we have smaller items available also! For enticing children and teenagers into helping keep things organised and tidy in your home, devising a game or set of rules for the storage might help. We offer a number of storage baskets which come in a range of sizes, all of which match each other.

Perhaps you could get one set for the living room and another set for your child's bedroom etc. If you see a toy in the living room which needs to be in a different room, make a game of it "I bet you can't get your toy in your basket before I can clean all the TV remotes into my basket" . . . you might find things being a lot tidier, a lot quicker.

Using coordinated baskets for different rooms also means that should one of them end up in a different room, its easy for all family members to know where it belongs so they have no excuses for not tidying it away!


Do you have any tips for storage solutions in your home? Leave us a comment below or share them on our social media! 

Have a lovely day.


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