Mirrored Furniture vs Fingerprints

Mirrored Furniture vs Fingerprints

Mirrored furniture is really very popular at the moment. We seem to sell out of our stock almost as before it gets to our door! Many of our customers buy more than one piece - quite often several weeks apart when they realise how much they like it. It’s a no-brainer for us then that we’re ordering more and more of this type of glamourous furniture.

So why is it so popular? Mirrored furniture is really popular with celebrities, and to be honest, what’s not to like about it?

Kim Kardashian By Eva Rinaldi -

Well. As with all tastes, it’s not for everybody, but if it’s your bag you’ll probably love everything it offers. Glamour, style, sophistication, but being mirrored, it obviously reflects whatever is pointing mathematically at it. This is not just limited to objects, but also light and colour. The options that these combinations can offer a home decorator are almost endless with multiple mirrors adding even more possibilities. With a little thought and positioning, an incredibly high-class effect can be achieved in any room.

The only downside to this type of furniture is maintenance. The dreaded fingerprint and other, more unexplained smudges and streaks. Don’t panic mirrored furniture lovers. We know how to keep it ship shape - and easily at that. Read on…

You’re probably expecting me to start this bit with positive top tip advice about the smearproof nature of newspaper. Er! No. Perhaps it worked for old wives, but newspaper isn’t what it used to be these days. A soft, lint-free microfibre cloth is the way forward. Flat “tight-weave” and “non-weave” fabric prevents the cloth from collecting and spreading dust all over the surface. Regularly dusting the mirrored furniture with this type of microfibre cloth prevents the build-up dust. Even a little dust can noticeably dull the furniture’s shine, as mirrored dust will actively double it up. Add non-solvent based glass cleaners directly to the microfibre cloth rather than spraying onto the furniture itself. A solution of white vinegar and water can work just as well as any shop-bought cleaners to remove smudges and streaks. Indeed, general purpose cleaning solutions can actually dull the mirror’s reflection. If you don’t want to formulate your own solution, try to get something that’s specifically suited to mirrored and glass surfaces. Make sure to give it a once over from different angles once you’re done, as mirrors are sneaky rascals that advertise the odd smudge that isn’t noticeable from another viewpoint once you’ve settled down on the sofa with a well-deserved cup of tea.

It stands to reason that if there’s mirrored furniture in a home, the dressing table is quite likely to be of that type. Spills are always a distinct possibility on dressing tables, and it’s really important to clean them up immediately. It’s a really good idea to get a nice tray to stand lotions and potions on, so that any spillages can be easily cleaned up without risking the mirrored surface. It’s also a good idea to avoid dragging things across mirrored surfaces so as to reduce the chances of any scratching or scraping. Heavy items, such as vases should be placed on a doily or protective cover and should be lifted into place rather than dragged. Sometimes, handles or knobs need to be removed so that a deep clean can be undertaken. It’s really important that care is taken on replacement, as over-tightening can easily crack the glass. Only tighten until a no-wobble firmness is achieved. Any tighter and it might mean disaster.

Anything else is down to common sense - much like other furniture, but if you follow these basic rules, you should make sure that your beautiful, stylish mirrored furniture will look as good in a few years as it does on the day you first pop it into your home.


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