How to Cheat - And get away with it (It's not what you think!!}

How to Cheat - And get away with it (It's not what you think!!}

How to Cheat (and get away with it)

Home decorating is not a big favourite of mine. I’m quite good with a paintbrush - not so good with paper and paste. I think it’s the monotony of it all that drives my dislike of the pastime. So, how to avoid doing it? There’s a really simple way - and I’m going to share it with you.

It’s a well established fact that mirrors make a room appear larger than it is. That’s the principle behind the entire walls of reflective glass employed in restaurants, which sometimes give the impression that the seating area is twice (or even larger than) the size that it actually is. Smaller, well placed mirrors can even change a room’s dynamic dramatically, and will also reflect the furniture and furnishings within the room; new furniture and furnishings will transform a room; well chosen wall art and ornaments can complement suites and chairs. Colour schemes can be devised with these elements that will totally transform a room’s appearance.

It may seem a little drastic to change the contents of a room wholesale, but you needn’t resort to such draconian methods if you’d rather not. Some harmonious throws can change a sofa into a totally different beast, so that just a few aptly chosen pieces of ornaments will complete the job of metamorphosis - and for a fraction of the price. There’s an added beauty with this method too, in that you can change the look and feel of a room on a whim just by replacing several items every now and again. Go one step further and rotate the decor every few weeks or even seasonally. Never be bored with a room ever again!

Whichever method you choose to employ if you decide to “cheat”, it could prove to be a cost effective solution. The cost of quality paint and wallpaper astounds me. And the cost to get a professional painter & decorator in to do the job if you don’t want to do it yourself can be prohibitive after the lay out for raw materials is considered. I don’t mean this as any detriment, as their skill and time definitely means that they earn their coin.

Skinflint that I am, I decided to redecorate the hallway and landing of my house a few years ago. I live in a high-ceilinged Victorian house. The job took me the best part of a fortnight almost solid! Masking took a day. Two coats of woodwork and architraves took four or five days. The ceilings took a neck aching couple of days. The three coats (yes three were required, even though I got top quality paint!) on the walls took around six days. I thought I’d get it done in two or three days. Idiot!! Never again!

One of my bedrooms needed a face-lift a couple of months ago. Needless to say we’ve got a lot of new accoutrements in that room now, a content spouse, and a happier me!

Life’s too short, so go on - treat yourself and cheat!


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