How Easy Is Mirrored Furniture.

How Easy Is Mirrored Furniture.

The benefits of furnishing your house with this versatile solution

We all need cupboards, chests of drawers and wardrobes to store our clothes and possessions. It’s also handy to have console tables and hallway tables, and essential to have dressing tables and mirrors dotted around. Enhancing your rooms with mirrors and mirrored furniture will help to make your house look bright and stylish - and no other type of furniture can come close. Here’s why.

Mirrors reflect light, and light obviously brightens up any room. Aristocrats have filled their homes with expensive mirrors for hundreds of years, partly to combat the poor lighting that candles offered, and partly as the effect that these massed mirrors offered was stunning. This thinking is still as viable today, especially with the recent introduction of low-energy light bulbs. It’s not just poorly lit rooms that will benefit either, as a room that’s filled with sunlight will look also incredible. Mirrors are also visually compact, and even the smallest pieces of mirrored furniture can help to check hem lines, or how shoes look!

Matching mirrored furniture to other items is not an issue, as it doesn’t have grain or overriding colour issues. Therefore it’ll go with any existing furniture, or anything you might want to buy in the future. This makes the task of furnishing your house an easy one.

Mirrors and mirrored furniture can combine with non-mirrored furniture to create style contrasts. Top combinations can be made with neutral stylings, traditional decorative patterns, wood of all descriptions and eras, contemporary fashions, and any other type of furnishing or decoration you can think of!

Similar to glass and polished metal, mirrors are regarded as one of the friendliest interior solutions. As has already been mentioned, they can be combined with pretty much any other type of furniture and decoration. In addition, a well-placed mirror can have an enlarging effect on a room – a technique well established in the restaurant and retail sectors.

If all of the above points aren’t enough to convince you that mirrored furniture is a winner, then consider the maintenance aspect. Quality mirrors are thick and are therefore quite difficult to break or scratch. They’re resistant to water and will still look good even in the most humid of environments. Cleaning the furniture will not take you long either – just wipe with glass cleanser once a month (or a little more often if grubby little paw prints are common in your home), and you’ve got bright, new looking furniture for decades.

Take into account a few precautions though, such as placing mirrors above open fireplaces can be dangerous, as clothes can catch fire if the user is standing too close whilst checking a reflection. Also placing a mirrored item too close to a heat source might cause it to warp and crack - but that might happen with any other type of furniture, so I suppose that’s just common sense.
The upshot is that mirrored furniture is versatile, classical and complementary. So treat yourself and have a look at our latest range.


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