Don’t Panic!

Don’t Panic!

The Late Shoppers Guide to Christmas

Are you a Douglas Adams fan? As all disciples of his work know, “Don’t Panic!” is the phrase on the cover of his seminal work, Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. It’s also one of Jonesy's favourite exclamations whilst he dances about panicking both himself and the rest of his Dad’s Army colleagues. I think we all panic at some time or another. The pick of my panics is shutting the door followed immediately by frantic pocket patting to check to see if I’ve remembered to bring the Yale key that will enable me to get in the house again. Phew!

A less imperative worry seems to creep up on us as Christmas approaches. The general form of the festive calendar never appears to follow the actual pattern for most of us. If you’re one of those really well organised individuals who has Christmas all wrapped up by the end of November, you can read on here with a smug smile on your face, but for the rest of us who find it difficult to juggle our time, this should look familiar:

Up to the middle of November: “Crikey, It’s November already - I’d better start thinking about pressies soon”

Middle to the end of November: “OK, I’ve thought about it a bit, but there’s loads of time to sort it all out”

First week in December: “Right, I know who’s getting what, I’ve written a list and found where to buy the things I need”

Second week in December: “Is it too late to order things online? I’ll have a look when I get a minute”

Third week in December: “It’s definitely too late to order things online - better hit the shops”

Christmas Day: “It’s not exactly what I was going to get you, but I couldn’t find that one - er-herm!”

I used to fall foul every year; not for everything, but on at least one or two gifts. In the last few years it’s been easier. It can’t fail to be working for Slate & Rose. That sounded like a blatant sales pitch! Maybe it was Whichever way you look at it, we’re constantly getting in new lines, like this Amelia Jewellery Box, so there’s always a great choice of new and exciting furniture and ornaments. OK, that was definitely a blatant sales pitch but it is a beautiful piece.

No matter how well organised you are though with Christmas planning, it always seems to be the men’s gifts that are the hardest to find. This year was easy, as we have a private joke in the family involving gnomes, so George, Graham and Gary are already wrapped up. These garden ornaments aren’t just a novelty factor either, otherwise I’d just have got one of them. No, they’re really sweet, and really well finished. I’ve also got a lovely clock for one of my male family members who usually proves to be a problem.


So how many last minute gifts are you expecting to send and receive this year? Typical examples of this tend to be chocolates, bottles of booze, socks and perfume in our experience. If you think you’re going to struggle, give us a shout and we’ll be happy to give you some ideas. We only list what we currently have in stock, and lots of that’s running out quickly as Christmas approaches. We do however have new shipments arriving all the time, so if you want to beat the rush and get your hands on the best we’ve got to offer, you know what to do.


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