Documenting a Home Renovation on Instagram - An Interview with @end_of_the_row

Documenting a Home Renovation on Instagram - An Interview with @end_of_the_row

Renovation Instagram accounts seem to be exploding in popularity at the moment; people are setting up accounts upon completion of a purchase and then documenting their journey of renovation, taking dated, sometimes dilapidated houses and turning them into beautiful, personal, charming family homes.

One account which stands out amongst the rest (and which most other renovation accounts follow) is @end_of_the_row. The account is run by couple Adam and Stacey and it has documented the story of how they updated and modernised their Edwardian end terrace home since December 2016.

Their account is filled with beautiful, Farrow & Ball walls, wooden accents, and original features which contrast perfectly with modern décor – in short, it’s every home renovators dream!

I asked Stacey if she could tell us a little more about the house, about renovating, and if she had any style and DIY tips which she could pass on to you, our lovely readers . . .

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your Instagram account
We are Adam and Stacey. Adam is a Printer and I am a beauty writer. We have a 2 year old called Matilda and live on the beautiful Norfolk/Suffolk broads. We (myself and my husband, Adam) started our account back in November 2016 purely as a record for ourselves of our home improvements. It was never created for anyone else, just our own gratification really. Slowly it began to get more followers and people started asking questions on our purchases and creations. We still try to keep the same format as we always have, really simple and of photographs and objects that we like, and weirdly people seem to like it.

Is this your first home renovation?
It’s our first together however; when I met Adam back in 2012 he had completely renovated a tiny 100-year-old cottage. Adam had to completely start from scratch,  stripping back plaster, ripping out an interior coal shed and knocking down exterior toilet.

Is there a difference in terms of period versus modern in difficulty or just generally?
We have never renovated a modern house but have friends who have and I think each comes with it’s problems. Period properties can often have issues with damp, structural, un-even surfaces to work with and more modern properties seem to take a bit more work creating a new aesthetic i.e./e tearing down 90’s wallpaper and removing hideous metallic lino etc.

How long have you been renovating/improving your home?
We moved in to our property in Nov 2014 and didn’t really do too much for the first 6 months. I think it’s important to live in a house for a while to get a feel for it. Experience where the light hits in the morning or which corner needs a lamp for brightness.


Are you finished? If not, what is on your ‘to do’ list?
We always think we are finished but then we get inspired and think we can just add a little something extra. We are currently thinking about re-painting the living room and also turning the spare room into our 2 year-olds new bedroom.

What is the end goal? Will you move on to another project?
Yes definitely. We adore our house but it’s not our forever home. Ideally we would like a bigger garden and a drive.

What’s your favourite room in your home and why?
I love our bedroom. It’s so calm and light and the mix of natural wood floor and panelling on the wall just gives it such a cosy vibe. I would just like to spend a bit more time in it!

You have a beautifully styled home – did this come from a specific inspiration?
To be honest we just take each room as it comes and add little bits at a time. It’s so hard when we both work and have a young child to make huge renovations so we just do bits and pieces as and when we can afford and have time.


Is there any person, location or Instagram account that influenced your interior style?
We love accounts such as Lexden_Home and Artynads. Their dark interiors are stunning and definitely gave us inspiration.

Do you have a favourite homeware piece?
My Emerald Green velvet footstool from Swoon Editions. Although it constantly gets covered in yogurt fingers from Matilda!!

Is there any piece of homeware that you are coveting at the moment?
We would so love a new sofa but it’s such a pricey item and although we love bold statement pieces, we need to ensure it will still work in 5 years time.

Do you have any tips for people who are considering a renovation/improvement project, or someone who is just beginning?
Take your time, plan it, think about it and ask other interior lovers on their opinions. Shop around too, there is so much online it’s easy to find cheaper alternatives.

Finally, if you could go back and tell yourself one thing at the beginning of this project, what would it be?
Be bold. Every time we have gone for a bright statement piece of painted a wall in a super dark scary colour, we have loved it.

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Thanks for reading, if you haven’t already then definitely go over to @end_of_the_row’s Instagram page and give it a follow, and follow us too, @slate.and.rose.

Have a lovely weekend!
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