3 Ways to Customise Furniture for a New Look

3 Ways to Customise Furniture for a New Look

I'm sure by now we've all seen the hacks online for using cheap furniture from big retailers and customising them to create something that looks a lot more expensive. Whilst purchasing cheap furniture specifically to customise is great, people often forget that you can customise basically any furniture item you own, and not always in the way you'd expect.

At Slate & Rose, we have a number of items which are either plain and can be painted, or have features which are easy to customise. Bearing that in mind I thought we would have a look at the furniture and items on our website which you can easily customise and ways you can do so to create something unique to your home and tastes.


This is probably the most obvious change that you can make to a piece of furniture - a lick of paint. Not always the easiest option if your furniture is glossed or painted already, but changing up the colour of your bedside tables, or dining table can make an old piece seem new, and can also update the look of your room. Use chalk paint on a desk so children can doodle without consequences, paint a dining table in a whitewash and then sand the edges for a rustic, reclaimed look. Or paint black or dark grey for a completely new, striking look. The potential is only limited by your imagination!

Our Country Style Shabby Chic furniture is perfect for painting and customising because they come in a natural finish and so you don't need to spend lots of time prepping the piece beforehand.

New Handles

It takes a little bit more DIY know-how, a screwdriver and a willingness to shop around for a different handle, but changing up the handles on your furniture can change the look of the piece totally. Use a metal scoop handle like the ones on the above pieces, for a more modern look, glass or ceramic handles can create a more shabby chic, reclaimed look, or you could even go as far as cutting hand holes into the drawer itself to really change up the look of the piece. 

Why not try something bold and different in your makeover which will really make your piece stand out? Use bold colours, vibrant patterns or maybe use a range of different handles - after all, why stick to just one design? The below image from Pinterest shows how you can create a really striking look by choosing a range of different handles for your furniture.

Different Purposes

Another way to customise a piece of furniture without actually having to do any DIY is to change the way that you use the piece. A sideboard could be changed into a beauty station or bedside tables could be used as coffee tables. Another idea is to use any removable features such as wicker baskets and use them around your house, leaving open shelves in the unit for plants, books or magazines. 

One idea which we think would look really great would be to use two of our taller drawer units, purchase a long piece of wood or countertop and fix the units to either end, creating a desk with built-in storage that is totally unique. Baskets and drawers can be used for storing stationery and office supplies, or removed and used in other parts of your home. Our Chatsworth tall drawer unit is perfect for this type of customisation as it is robust and strong enough to work as a support for a desk board. It also comes in plain wood, so you can paint and customise even further.

Have you done any customising of your furniture which we might not have mentioned here? If so, leave us a comment below this post, or comment on one of our social media accounts, using the #slateandroseblog.

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