Country Life Styling - Interior Decoration Tips for your Home

Country Life Styling - Interior Decoration Tips for your Home

Christmas is over, and as we put our fairy lights and decorations away, we begin to think forward to the end of Winter and the approaching warmer months of Spring. The arrival of a new year is the perfect time for a rejuvenation of your home (there's a reason why most people "spring clean" in January and February), and so with that in mind I thought we would take a look at some of the ways you can freshen up your home with some items from our lovely country living range. 

Whilst having a period home or a home in the country really suits the country living style of interior decoration, you can still add elements of the country life style to your home if you live in a city or in a modern house or apartment. From small accent pieces, to whole room decoration, we have lots of pieces available on the Slate & Rose website, so lets have a look at some of them. 


Of course the biggest items in your home which will help you to emulate that country style is furniture, but you don't have to change all the pieces in your home to get that country style, sometimes less can be more and a few key pieces can add a hint of the rustic country look without going too overboard. The key to emulating this look is to go with furniture pieces which are made from natural materials - wood, wicker, linen fabrics etc., something with that rustic, handmade look is best. 

This Country Living Four Drawer Unit and the Country Living Console Table are perfect examples of the type of pieces which will really give your home that natural, country feel. They are made from a lovely light wood and could be stained or painted to a darker colour or an on-trend sage green colour if you prefer. You can also customise these pieces by replacing the drawer handles for wooden or metal ones. We also sell a bedside table in the same style with two drawers for a matching bedroom option.

Wall Art

Wall art is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to create a theme in your home, and selecting the right type of artwork is critical to the interior style you want to display. Nature focused artworks are perfect for creating a country style feel as they bring the outdoors in to your home. A canvas or painting of a country setting is very traditional, or if you're looking for something with a modern twist you could always choose a 3D piece of wall art such as the Potted White and Yellow Daisy artwork or the Lavender in Pots artwork.

These pieces are canvas backing painted with beautiful images of flowers such as lavender and daisies but then they both feature 3D elements where the containers are. The wooden box surrounding the lavender pots is actual wooden detail and the bucket containing the white daisies is curved metal detailing. These pieces are both modern and unusual in their construction, and yet are traditional in terms of their design and subject matter, which make them perfect for adding country style to your home without making your room look old-fashioned. 


We all need a clock in our kitchen don't we? For timing our cooking as well as making sure we don't miss the next episode of the Bake Off because we're too busy practising our biscuit recipe. Clocks are actually more popular in terms of wall decor for a kitchen than artworks are and so it stands to reason then, that one of the ways you can add some country life style into your kitchen is through the type of clock that you choose for your room.

We have a number of different styles of wall clock that all emulate a slightly different country style, from the Herbes de Provence Country Wall Clock which has a smaller clock face and is surrounded by hand-painted flower and herb illustrations, to the rustic Metalwork Roman Numerals Wall Clock which is a simple metal frame and is very reminiscent of traditional sundials, bringing a touch of garden history to your kitchen.


One aspect of a country style home is that they always appear very light and airy, with plenty of light in each room. If you struggle for space or have limited windows in a room then using a mirror can help to reflect light around a room as well as giving the room depth and the illusion of more space. Mirrors are perfect for use in any room from a bathroom to the living room, and the style of mirror can greatly change the feel of that room. This Amelia Vintage Wall Mirror with exposed chain hanging is perfect for emulating that vintage, 1930's style country house look and would look great in any room of your home. 


We all need plenty of storage in our homes, particularly in homes where toys or gadgets are often left laying around. Using some rustic, country style storage can help to keep your home tidy but also is in keeping with the interior style you want. Our Traditional Wicker Hamper Basket and the Set of 3 Round Wicker Log Baskets are perfect for this as they are made of natural wicker and look rustic as well as being practical.

You can use the hamper as a toy box or for storing outdoor items such as wellies, umbrellas, dog toys and leads, whereas the differing sizes of the log baskets make them perfect for a room where you might need to separate your items out - such as a living room where you might want to store wood for the fire, magazines and books, and chargers and gadgets. These are perfect for hiding the necessaries of modern life and allowing you to keep that simplistic country feel in your home. 

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