April is Decorating Month (Honestly)

April is Decorating Month (Honestly)

It’s official! Apparently, April is decorating month. Quite who decides these things is a bit of a mystery to me, but there’s plenty of evidence on the internet. Have a look if you don’t believe me!

But do you buy into these newly packaged events, or do you do your own thing when it suits you? Does that give you an excuse to only do the things you want to do - when you want to do them?

We spend a lot of time in our homes. It’s our comfort zone - a place to feel happy. It makes sense then to be surrounded by decor and furnishings that help us to relax and feel good.

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Spring is traditionally the time to have a good old clean out. Perhaps then the time is right for decorating too? Establishing the “fact” that we should all decorate during this month might help to inspire us to just get on with it - a little like shopping for Christmas presents in December, which is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but we all seem to get on with it anyway.

So, the next question to ask is “are you a get-up-and-go decorator or do you get the professionals in?”. Personally, I’m quite fussy, and don’t like the little elements of slap-dash that decorators employ, no matter how professional they are. This means I end up doing it all myself, and I don’t really enjoy it - until the thrill of completion kicks in!

It’s also a good time to reorganise the house and replace the old furniture and furnishings that are becoming a little dated or maybe just don’t fit in with the new colour scheme any more.

I know we’re in the business of re-furnishing here at Slate & Rose, so please accept my apologies for the different products scattered throughout the blog, but we’re confident that you’ll find something that would look brilliant in your newly decorated homes. So whether it’s furniture, a new clock or simply some new home accessories, we’re sure there’s something here to suit your tastes.

 Good luck with your April projects!



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