5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Christmas

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Christmas

Christmas and the festive season is quickly approaching and as you start to plan for presents, visitors and celebrations, it is important to get your home ready as well.  November is a month when blankets come out, candles are lit and the 'cosy' aspect of interior design is adopted, but this does not always mean that your home is ready for the festive period. We have put together 5 ways that you can get the living rooms in your home ready for Christmas to give you more space and to make your home even more beautiful. 

1. Storage

As Christmas approaches and you begin to plan presents for family and friends, a great way to prepare is to purchase a number of storage boxes or baskets. These can be used in the first instance to tidy up your home spaces, but are also ideal for preparing for Christmas Day itself to help children organise their gifts and keep your home tidy on the day. 

storage boxes

This set of storage baskets are perfect for the above usage as there is a number of items of different sizes which allow you to customize for different purposes. the larger ones could be used for storing stuffed toys, blankets, or bedding and the smaller ones could be used for organising smaller toys or gadgets. 


2. Candles

Late autumn and winter is the time of year when we cosy up on the couch on an evening with a fire lit, blankets and low lighting. Candles are perfect for adding a festive touch to your home, particularly if you choose scented candles with a wintery or festive scent or candle holders which are in fetive shapes and designs, but you don't have to go all out in terms of festive decorations if you dont want to. Why not add a few elegant and simplistic candle holders to your room this season? They will add a lovely ambiance without making your room appear too candle holders

This set of three candle holders is only £11.99 and are both elegant and simple in their design. Their colours are relatively neutral and would complement any colour scheme and their relatively small size means that you could group them together on a side table, or position them individually around a room. Either way they are guarateed to add some soft lighting to your room this season.


3. Mirrors

Christmas is a time when you usually welcome a lot of visitors to your home, and Christmas Day itself is often a logistical nightmare, with chairs brought from every room in your home to house your guests. At these times your living spaces, usually more than adequate, can become cramped and seem smaller. Preparing for this by adding some mirrors to your living rooms can really help your home seem larger than it is during busy times. Large mirrors which can be hung on walls, placed above a fireplace, or opposite a window, can help to reflect light around a room, making it appear brighter and therefore bigger. It can also add depth to a room which will add the illusion of space. 


This large, rectangular mirror actually looks like a window and is perfect for a room where you would like to create an illusion of space and light. You can also hang this either landscape or portrait according to the room you are hanging it in to suit your own tastes.


4. Wall Art

Sometimes a room can look fresher just by changing some of the decorations. Whilst re-decorating, or purcahsing new furniture can be an extreme and expensive change, smaller changes such as changing your wall art can have the same effect without the price tag. A painting can give a room a softer, more whimsical look whereas prints can give a room a more vibrant, on trend look. 

horse wall art

These two horse paintings are just the type of wall art you could add to your living spaces to change the feel of your room. The mix of colours means you could coordinate one or more colours within the rest of the room, such as soft furnishings or accessories easily and without expense.


5. Trays

This might seem like an odd suggestion, but bear with us. Trays are a really great way to keep your home from looking cluttered, whilst allowing certain items to be easily accessible. Storage boxes or cupboards move your items out of sight, but there are certain items which you inevitably need regular access to, but want to keep organised and tidy. Here is where a tray can come in handy. Use one to store remote controls, gadgets, charger cables, keys or other smaller items. By keeping all of these small items in one central place within your room, you avoid the room looking cluttered, and you always know where they are. 

aswan wooden tray

This tray is a really beautiful piece which can store your items whilst also being a stylish addition to your room. This tray will help keep smaller items organised on Christmas Day and could also be used for laying out a glass of milk and a mince pie, ready for Santa's visit. 

We hope that this post has been useful in giving you some ideas of how you can get your home ready for the festive season. 

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