5 Unique Xmas Decoration Ideas

5 Unique Xmas Decoration Ideas

In the modern world of social media, decorating your home for the different celebrations throughout the year has become fiercely competitive, with people posting pictures of their perfectly turned out homes online. It can be a bit overwhelming and so rather than worrying about having the "best" decorated home, we thought it might be an idea to have a more unusual style of decoration for this year. So keep reading for 5 ways that you can stand out from the crowd this Christmas with your decorations. 

1) Foliage

Rather than using ready arranged, artificial garlands around your home, why not add some natural foliage to your decoration? Using natural foliage is a more laid back and casual decoration as they often haven't been arranged into a decoration. Using natural fir or holly branches are particularly lovely as they are very seasonal and also have a lovely wintery scent to them. They can be arranged on shelves, on windowsills or even attached with ribbon to doors and bannister rails. You can keep them totally simple or natural, or you can jazz them up with ribbons, lights and decorations. 

natural foliage

Why not add some Slate & Rose battery powered fairy lights to the garland? The 20 light clear star garland is perfect for this purpose and is only £4.99!


2) Making Your Own Decorations

This type of decoration would really complement the first suggestion in that natural elements and homemade elements work well together and give a relaxed and rustic interior design look. You can make any and all Christmas decorations from the big to the small including garlands, wreaths, tree decorations, candle holders and much more, and basically any material can be used including felt, cork, wood, twine, ribbon etc. although of course, you need to be careful of fire safety. 


3) Alternative Christmas Trees

If you do not have space or money for a Christmas tree this year, or if you simply don't want to have a traditional tree, then why not go for something alternative instead? The White House has released photographs of their Christmas decorations which includes a tree made entirely from books in the library. This would be a really unusual decoration as it would be easy to make (as long as you have a significant book collection), and you can keep it simple or you can add lights around the 'tree', you could balance decorations on the edges of the books, or even add tinsel. Other examples of alternative trees include ones made from empty wine bottles or trees which are made from entwined metal and lights rather than having branches like a traditional tree, or you could even use a different type of trees like a bay tree or a large plant to decorate in a Christmas-style.


4) Unusual Ornaments and Decorations

You do not have to use baubles, tinsel and fairy lights if you don't want to - there are no rules as to how you can decorate your home for the festive season. Why not use something like dried fruit items as decorations? String them into a garland or place them in a bowl or even in hollow hangers for a scented and seasonal decoration. Some people have even added food items to their trees such as oranges and chilli peppers. Slate & Rose sells a number of Christmas items which are more muted in terms of their style, such as the black and white Rectangular Wooden Plaque which is festive without being too bold or garish. The more you think outside the box, the better and more unusual the results will be. 


5) An Un-Christmassy Christmas

The alternative, of course, is not to have overly festive decoration and there are many ways that you can achieve this style of decor. Why not choose a non-festive colour scheme like purple or yellow? Sure, you'll have to search around for the decorations but it will make your home stand out. Perhaps you could use one type of decoration, like candles and simply festoon your home in soft, warm candlelight. Themed Christmases are becoming ever more popular - after all, who wouldn't want a Harry Potter themed Christmas home?

We hope you have enjoyed discovering different ways that you can decorate your home for Christmas this year. Remember to tag us #slateandrose in your Christmas decor pictures for the chance to be featured on our social media. 

Have a lovely day!


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