5 Different Ways to Style Lanterns in your Home

5 Different Ways to Style Lanterns in your Home

In terms of interior design, I think everyone loves a lantern. . . they're festive and cosy in the winter, and whimsical in the summer; they can be used inside and outside, and they don't even need to be used with a candle to make them work in your home. Basically, they are one of the most versatile interior decor pieces and so I thought we would take a look at some of the ways in which you can style a lantern around your home, all year round.

1) Christmas Lanterns

Of course, we are coming up to Christmas and many people (if they haven't already) are starting to put the final touches on their Christmas decorations. Lanterns are great for adding some festive feeling to your home without having to purchase them just for Christmas. You can add some tinsel or ribbon to the top of the lantern, fill the inside with natural foliage like holly or mistletoe, and use real or battery powered candles to give your home a softly lit, cosy atmosphere on those cold evenings of hot chocolate, mince pies and festive films. 

2) High or Low Arrangements

If you already have some lanterns in your home but you're starting to feel like your room needs a little freshening or moving around ready for the holiday period, moving your lanterns around the room can really change the dynamic. Maybe you've always had your lanterns sat next to your fireplace - in that case why not stand them on a tray arranged together in a group of 2 or 3 and place them on a side table or dining table for more of an eye-level decoration. Perhaps you've only ever had one lantern before - so why not get yourself a few new ones and have an arrangement of a number of different styles together and put some smaller ones on one end of your mantlepiece, and the others on the floor so that your fire is surrounded by soft candlelight. High or low, moving lanterns into a new place can really change the look and feel of them.

3) Outdoors

Whilst you may initially think that using lanterns outdoors would be best for those balmy summer evenings over barbecues and cool drinks, you can also use lanterns outside in the winter. In the summer you can add them to your garden, hanging them from trees or placing in flower beds for a real Midsummer Nights Dream effect, and in the winter you could place them at either side of your front door which creates a festive welcome for any of your visitors. Use either real or battery powered candles, whichever work best for you and you have an option for all year, exterior lighting.

4) Alternative Fillings

Candles aren't the only item you can place inside a lantern - you can more or less fill it with whatever you want to suit your home aesthetic. For a more natural look, you could add a potted plant or a tall cactus, or you could add rocks and earth to the bottom and add succulents instead. For a more festive look why not fill one with fairy lights and baubles for a more unusual decoration idea. They also make a good location for hiding presents if you want to do a treasure hunt on Christmas Day or birthdays!

5) Hang Inside your Home

Okay, so this one is a little outside the box in terms of an idea but it would create a real focal point in your room. Why not suspend your lanterns from the ceiling in the corner of your dining room or living room for a more bohemian look? Add a cluster of lanterns hung at different lengths and fill with candles for a soft, fairytale look in your room. Alternatively, you could add hanging plants and succulents for a suspended natural decoration. The options are open for you to fully customize. 


So there you go, I hope you've enjoyed discovering different ways you could style one or more lanterns around your home no matter what time of year it is. 

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Happy shopping!


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