5 Ways to Style Photo Frames and Framed Wall Art in your Home

5 Ways to Style Photo Frames and Framed Wall Art in your Home

When it comes to hanging or arranging photographs and wall art in your home it can be difficult to decide where to place them - do you hang them in a traditional way or go for something a bit different; do you hang them all together on one wall or spread them out around a room. I thought we would have a quick look at some options, with of course some beautiful examples, so that you can be inspired for your own projects. Oh, and of course, we will be showing you some of the pieces you can purchase on our website which will help you to create a stunning photography or wall art look. 

1) Create a Feature Wall

The feature wall is one style of arranging photo frames which became popular about five years ago and is still going strong. It works on the principle that you choose one wall in your home, perhaps above a bed or couch, and you arrange a number of photo frames or pieces of wall art on that wall, relatively close together and with some sense of unity. Here is an example:

As you can see in this image, the artworks all have the same frames and are arranged in a straight line with equal distance between them. This creates a sense that the images are all part of a 'collection' and have more impact than just one or two images might do. 

We sell a number of different sized frames from 6x4 to 8x10 and starting at just £5.99, they are perfect for recreating this look,

2) Go for the Random Look

Depending on the style of your home, having a perfectly uniform set of photographs or wall art on your wall might not fit in within your home. The 'messy' look is becoming increasingly popular amongst Pinterest users for its quirky, personal look. The below picture takes this style to the extreme, but you could easily create something similar in your home without worrying too much about placement and unity. 

The key to this look is to have a range of different style, colour and shape photo frames as well as the photographs themselves. You can also mix it up by adding artwork or hanging decorations amongst the frames. The best way to achieve this look is to start with a range of different frames.

We have white, natural and dark wood frames available on our website and just purchasing a few of these in different sizes and finishes can help get you started. They also start from just £5.99 so they're an affordable option too! You also don't need to have a spirit level or tape measure to create this look either - in fact, the more random it looks, the better!

3) Don't hang them!

This is a look which is really gaining popularity in terms of interior design but one that is also particularly useful if you rent your home and can't put picture hooks or nails in the wall. Instead of hanging pictures or wall art on your walls, why not arrange it on a sideboard or desk instead. Sit it against the wall and arrange a potted plant, candle or other household accessories around it and you've got a solution which neither ruins your walls nor sacrifices any style. 

This style of arrangement is particularly good for prints and artworks as it has more of an artists studio look to it. It also works great for prints of text, so famous quotes or inspirational words. Whilst we don't sell large single aperture frames, we do have this 8 aperture frame which is almost 70cm x 50cm, which would be large enough to style on a side table, office desk or dressing table. 


4) Layers

This look does require a bit of concentration and calculation but when done right looks amazing. Layer your photo frames up on a wall so that they overlap or underlap the ones next to them. Like in this image below from Pinterest which uses five frames and looks great arranged over a bed that has a similar colour scheme,

This look will require some thinking through in terms of making sure your picture hooks are in the right place to allow you to be able to hang the frames accurately, but the finished look is well worth the effort. Whilst we don't currently sell frames with a hanging chain (although watch this space for the future!), you could achieve this look with long nails or large picture hooks and regular frames, or you could also fit a shelf and layer your photo frames on the shelf, using the technique from the previous point like in this photo, also from Pinterest.

Our Black Wooden Photo Frames in the set of 6 would be perfect for creating this look as they have a unity in terms of colour and design but are different shapes and sizes.

5) Small Clusters

Whilst most people would traditionally place photographs or wall art in the centre of a wall and just about at eye height, there is a new trend in interior design to create smaller clusters of frames in slightly more unusual locations, such as above a bedside table such as in this beautiful image from Sheer Luxe on Pinterest,

This arrangement, off to one side on the wall creates a really modern look, and the arrangement of different shape and coloured frames helps to break up the look so it isn't too boxy. 

This look can be achieved again, with a range of our photo frames as suggested above, or if you are looking for something more subtle and uniform, then our White Wooden Photo Frames in a set of seven would be perfect. 

How do you display photo frames and wall art in your home? Have you been inspired to try something different? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media! 

Have a great day!



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